The Brussels Vintage Market

Welcome to the vintage world, one of the most popular styles in recent years. The city of Brussels is a good example of that. A special atmosphere covers hidden corners and markets, offering a host of new experiences to discover in the Belgian capital.


The vintage style now covers several sectors of activity. A taste of nostalgia for our childhood, a look over the shoulder at previous generations and a hint of times we would have liked to know better. What is more, the trend for second-hand goods is growing today in a direct response to our ecological and economic concerns. So the vintage trend is becoming a new type of aesthetics, as old styles are reinterpreted and/or customized by today’s fashion artists.

Brussels Vintage

Part of these new trends can be found in The Brussels Vintage Market. But, how can you enjoy this vintage experience? The concept is really simple: bringing together vintage sellers and young creators for a day in the same place and offering a large variety of articles. The sale opens its doors to vintage lovers searching for the best pieces and the best deals. It’s so cool!

Brussels Vintage Market

In addition, everything in the store is sold by weight: vintage clothing and second hand shoes, bags, jewelry, cupcakes, coats, jackets, accessories, belts, hats, dresses, knitwear, boots… even furniture. And… What about the price per kilo? It’s 15 € for 3 to 4 pieces on the average!

Brussels Vintage

Brussels Vintage Market started 3 years ago at Madame Moustache, a Brussels café, with about a dozen vintage exhibitors. They stayed there for six months and then set up in the K–nal club in Brussels which had room for more exhibitors. At that point, they extended their selection to include designers and craftsmen, as well as vintage merchants, to add a new dynamic to their market by enriching the supply and specially to give young artists an opportunity to sell their collections without having to open a shop.

halles Saint Gery

A year later, the market moved again to the handsome Halles Saint-Géry, a venue well known by Brussels’ night owls, with about 40 vintage and second-hand exhibitors and more than 20 designers. In our opinion, this original initiative offers new opportunities to young designers and creates a new way to enjoy Brussels from a different point of view.

Now, The Brussels Vintage Market in Halles Saint-Géry is equipped with large scales so you can weigh your purchases to suit your budget.

Moreover, The Brussels Vintage Market takes place every first Sunday of the month, from noon to 7pm, welcoming nearly 1000 visitors every time. Not only will you be able to shop for your favorite vintage clothes or furniture, the BVM is also a nice and original place to get drinks or brunch, all with an old-time musical atmosphere. Definitively, The Brussels Vintage Market earned its place of honor in every vintage fan’s calendar