Kuoni and Augmented Reality: A new engaging way for customer

We already showed you a campaign of The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, where they had incorporated the  Augmented-Reality Technology as a new way to help engage and tantalize potential travelers to Hawaii like never before.

Now It´s time for Kuoni…

Kuoni claims to be one of the first UK operators to employ ‘augmented reality’ in press and magazine advertising. This allows readers to be prompted to view extra content and video through smartphones and iPads using image recognition technology to give the reader additional content and an enhanced experience of the ad.

Readers will be encouraged to download the app to their smartphones in order to view the ad through their camera, which will trigger a video, providing details of Kuoni holidays.


Dynamic creative messaging is being used in online display advertising. More than 240 creative message variations have been created, all based on a consumer’s journey and level of interaction with the Kuoni website. In this way future messaging can be tailored to the individual experience and stage in the booking process.

The use of these advertising methods are part of the operator’s new year integrated marketing campaign under the new ‘Requested by you… Crafted by Kuoni’ brand slogan.

A social media competition on Facebook is also being run, asking followers to create their own campaign poster. Entrants can choose an image from a selection of Kuoni brand images and write their personal holiday requests for a chance to win a £2,000 gift card for their next holiday. The competition runs until February 29.


Kuoni head of marketing Naomi Wilkinson said: “With a significant proportion of our online traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, augmented reality felt the next logical step in creating a seamless multi-channel experience for the Kuoni customer.

“Customers have shown us that they interact with Kuoni in multiple ways across all channels, and augmented reality helps to facilitate this journey in a fun and engaging way.”

One of the most interesting features in the app is the first ever integration of a “click to call”. This makes it engaging and fast tracks the consumer journey from print brochure to booking line.

Over the last 3 years Kuoni and MEC have worked together to better integrated online and offline communication channels, with a significant increase in the use of PPC to drive sales and the development of a sophisticated online display campaign. This has involved merging the benefits of partnerships with key sites, brand placements at key times of year and an ever present base of network, DSP and retargeting activity harvesting online interest. Kuoni have seen CPB’s decrease and booking volumes increase through digital channels year on year as a result.